The Building Process

General timeline of events

-Contact us about your project
-Get an official price estimate based on your desired house plans or project details
-Optional: Set up a free consultation to learn more about us and provide us with more details on your house/project.  Also, ask us any questions you may have! 
-Adjust pricing if needed.
-Sign the Contract!

First steps

After Contract Signing

-TCH will put land under contract (if land is not already owned by TCH or customer)
-House plans will be finalized
-TCH will begin all preliminary steps needed to submit for a building permit (engineering, soil testing, survey, etc.)
-Selections Meetings: Customers will pick out their kitchen/vanity designs as well as all flooring for the house at our suppliers' design centers/showrooms

After building permit

-About 1-2 months after submittal, building permit will be released
-Permit is posted on site!
- Clearing is scheduled (if needed).
-Construction driveway is installed (gravel)
-Excavation begins!

foundation and framing

-Footers and Foundations walls are poured
-Plumbing begins before basement slab is poured
-Basement and garage slabs are poured (if necessary) 
-Floor system is installed and framing begins!
-House wrap is put on
-Roof trusses are installed
-Windows and exterior doors are installed
-TCH sends proposed lighting layout to customer
-Shingles are delivered and installed
-Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC rough-ins begin

main house systems

-Electrical wiring continues based on finalized lighting layout
-Heating & Air is finished
-Plumbing is installed
-Fireplace is set
-Power is turned on! 
-Siding is installed 
-Septic system and well installs are put on the schedule (if applicable)
-Pre-drywall walkthrough is scheduled with customer

Drywall, Paint, Cabinets, Etc

-Drywall is stocked & hung
-Appliance package is ordered
-Trim and interior doors are installed
-Paint begins
-Cabinets are delivered and installed
-Tile, hardwoods, and vinyl are installed
-Garage door is installed (if applicable)
-Light fixtures are hung
-Plumbing Fixtures are installed
-Carpet is installed

Finishing touches

-Exterior stone is installed (if applicable)
-Sidewalk is poured
-Yard is graded and treated with seed & straw
-Well water sample is taken (if applicable)
-House is cleaned
-TCH receives Certificate of Occupancy
-Final walkthrough is completed with customer
-Punch list (from walkthrough) is completed within 10 days (if possible)
-Closing!  Customer receives keys to home

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